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Board Mounting

From: £6.00 (Incl. VAT)

If you require your print to be more sturdy, we can mount it onto a selection of boards up to A0. We offer a choice of either 2mm display board, or 5mm foam board.

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Available Options & Pricing

Please use this table as a guide to our options for board mounting. Please use the button above to contact us if you wish to place an order, as one of our team will be able to accurately quote you for your specific order.

SizeBoardPrice per Board Mount
A42mm Display Board£6.00 each
(£5.00 +VAT)
A45mm Foam Board£7.20 each
(£6.00 +VAT)
A32mm Display Board£8.40 each
(£7.00 +VAT)
A35mm Foam Board£10.80 each
(£9.00 +VAT)
A22mm Display Board£14.40 each
(£12.00 +VAT)
A25mm Foam Board£15.60 each
(£13.00 +VAT)
A12mm Display Board£21.60 each
(£18.00 +VAT)
A15mm Foam Board£25.20 each
(£21.00 +VAT)
A02mm Display Board£37.20 each
(£31.00 +VAT)
A05mm Foam Board£39.60 each
(£33.00 +VAT)

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