How to Upload Files

Have you checked your files?

Before sending us your files, we strongly recommend you read our File Supply Guide, to ensure your file is print ready, and to prevent your order from being delayed.

Send us Your Artwork Files

When you are ready to send us your artwork files, you can do so using either of the following methods:

1.  Upload via Website

If your file(s) is/are ready for upload at the time you place your order, you can upload files sized up to 100Mb through our website at the end of the checkout process. If your file size is greater than 100Mb please use option 2, “Send via MailBigFile”(see below).  Once you have completed and paid for your order, you will have the opportunity to upload files on the Order Confirmation page.

If your file(s) is/are not ready for upload at the time you place your order, you must opt to create an account during the checkout procedure. Once your files are ready for uploading, simply Login and navigate to ‘My Account’ on the top menu bar, then select ‘View Order & Upload Files’. If you place multiple orders, you will find an upload section at the top of the page for each item you have ordered. Simply select the files you wish to upload, and click the blue ‘Upload’ button to send us your files. Please ensure that you upload the file(s) appropriate to each product ordered.

Please note that files can only be uploaded once, so if you upload an incorrect file, please contact us immediately.


2.  Send via MailBigFile

We can accept larger files sent via MailBigFile. Please ensure you quote your order number, and clearly label your files in relation to the products ordered – the more accurate the information you supply, the quicker we can process your order and avoid mistakes or delays.